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Allen H. Greenfield

Grand Facilitator (Frontal Chief Inner/Outer Circle)

Allen H. Greenfield, D.D., is in a unique position to interpret the lore of UFOlogy for occultists, and to explain the elusive mythos of Occultism to UFOlogists. A thirty-five year veteran of UFO investigative work, Greenfield has twice been honored with the coveted “UFOlogist of the Year” award by NUFOC (1972 and 1992), and is co-founder of the National UFO Conference, one of the oldest UFO oriented conventions in the world.

Greenfield edits The ParaUfologist and is a Charter Member of the Permanent Organizing Committee of the National UFO Conference.

In addition, Greenfield has been an occultist since 1960, and has practiced ceremonial magick since 1969. In 1985, after years of service, he was consecrated a Bishop in the esoteric Gnostic spiritual tradition, and has served a substantial metropolitan congregation in this capacity since 1988.


Olav R. Phillips

Facilitator General (Asst. Frontal Chief Inner/Outer)

Olav Phillips, D.S.D., D.D., has been a student of the occult and mysterious for many years and holds degrees in Ancient Hermetic Philosophy, Spiritual Development, Chaplaincy and Shamanism as well as studies in Cultural Anthropology and Sociology from the University of California Davis.  He also holds certifications in Reiki (Level 3 Master), Herbalism, Ancient Magic (Druidic and Egyptian), Scrying, Neuro Linguistic Programing and Eriksonian Hypnosis and is focused on research into occult cryptography, energy work and spiritual development. He is consecrated Bishop in the Ecclesiastica Gnostica Universalis and lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.


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